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Current Press Releases:

(March 31, 2011) We are pleased to announce that Tiger Woods Golf PGA Tour 12 iOS (IGN: 8/10), as developed by Koolhaus Games, has been launched this week on the iTunes store to glowing critical and user reviews. Following on the heals of the record breaking, number one Madden NFL2011 iPad (IGN: “8.0  Impressive!”), also developed by Koolhaus... PDF

(August 11, 2010) Koolhaus Games is pleased to announce that Madden NFL 11 iPad has broken new ground on the iTunes store. Simultaneous number one on the Games Chart and number one on the All Apps Chart. Most unit sales and most revenue all at the same time! No game has done this before. Read more about Madden NFL 11 iPad here... PDF

(September 21, 2006) Koolhaus Games is the first North American developer to be chosen by the Japanese publisher Square Enix (Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, etc..) to develop mobile games for them outside of Japan... PDF

(September 20, 2006) Koolhaus Games Inc. is pleased to announce that we have received partial funding of our original mobile game called “Gold Rush Jack” (working title “Canary Jack”) under Telefilm’s New Media Fund... PDF

(April 5, 2006) ...we are collaborating with Simon Fraser University Associate Professor Dr. Greg Mori in the development of potentially ground breaking new research called “Semi-Automatic Video Motion Capture”... Dr. Mori and Koolhaus Games have received partial funding from the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada – Cooperative Research and Development branch (NSERC – CRD)... PDF

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