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  • Lead Game Designer

    ROLE – The primary role of the Lead Game Designer is to be the guiding light for all games being developed or serviced by Koolhaus Games. The Lead Designer provides and maintains the overall vision and ensures that products are aligned with the strategic goals of the studio.  RESPONSIBILITIES: Game and App Design  Take responsibility for […]

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    Art Director Video Games

    Art Director Responsibilities: Creates, develops and maintains an innovative artistic vision for the game  Oversees the visual development of the game to completion Communicates the visual design and development of the project to all stakeholders  Creates and maintains art documents including: Art Design, Art Specifications, Style Guides, Art Asset documents and others Coordinates and manages […]

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  • Technical Director Video Games

    ROLE – The role of the Technical Director is to lead, supervise and support a talented group of video game programmers emotionally, creatively, professionally and technically. You are not responsible for having all the answers but have the ability to nurture problem solving individually and/or collectively while keeping your team on track and focused.  Koolhaus has […]

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    Video Game Producer

    ROLE  – The primary function of the Producer is to manage projects and to take 100% responsibility for all aspects of the project including its commercial success. RESPONSIBILITIES: Creative and Project Management Take responsibility for the successful completion of assigned projects: Support of and work with a team of designers, artists, programmers and sound artists Creative direction […]

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