Application Development

The teams at Koolhaus have been developing a wide variety of applications since 2005. Here are some of the application development services offered at Koolhaus.

Work for hire
Original IP development
Electronic game development
Digital application development (Apps).
Cross genre development including casual, mid core, sports, puzzle, hidden object, match 3, mini games, RPG, RTS, adventure, shooter, racing, sims, life development, etc..
Highly experienced with different business models (F2P, Premium, etc.)
Full service development (design, art, code, sound, project management)
Focus is on in house development vs outsourcing

Cross Platform Development

We have a highly experienced team with many top charted and highly reviewed games and applications under our belt. Here are just some of the cross platform services we provide:

Licensed for: iOS, Android, Console: XboxOne, PS4, WiiU, 3DS, PC, Mac
Highly experienced in designing effective and transparent touch screen UI and Controls
Highly experienced in adapting console controls and UI to touch screen and vice versa
Experienced Unreal Engine developers
Experienced Unity developers
Cross Platform Custom Development: from casual to major console/PC/Mac projects
Expansion packs
Short - term assistance during crunch time
Full service art, design, code, sound, QA, project management
Cross platform porting services: iOS/Android/console/PC/Mac/Mobile/Handheld

Cutting Edge R & D

Koolhaus has a long standing history of developing cutting edge technology both in house and in partnership with others such as Simon Fraser University. Here are some of the highlights.

KoolAi: Koolhaus has developed ground breaking artificial intelligence where NPC's (non playable characters) have emotions, learn from their "environments" and much more. KoolAi NPC's are as far from being robotic as real, living, breathing human beings are. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to tell if KoolAi NPC's were in fact NPC's or real players.

KoolPlan: KoolPlan is a subset of KoolAi. It's primary feature is to provide goals, direction, etc. to NPC's so that the worlds they inhabit are living, breathing, evolving, etc.. This provides a level of immersion not seen in games before.

Using our KoolAi and KoolPlan technologies have the added benefit of reducing the overall AI implementation costs by 75%.

KoolTrans: Our text translation system is a self improving, highly efficient, incredibly fast translation system that is adaptable to many situations.

KoolAi, KoolPlan and KoolTrans were developed with support from NRC - IRAP.

Koolhaus has sponsored five NSERC research projects with Simon Fraser University.