Health and Wellness

Koolhaus’ employee led Wellness Committee creates and supports a positive environment within the studio. The Committee is an advocate for staff health and general well being while also promoting social connections amongst staff members.

Professional Development

Lunch & Learn: Regular in house cross discipline presentations to expand all staff member’s game development horizons. Development teams also utilize the Critical Stage Analysis (CSA) process on a monthly basis to improve our development capabilities. Game Jams enable multiple perspectives on new creative horizons.

Social Events

Free tickets to Vancouver Whitecaps games, free snacks and drinks. Free Form Fridays - both on and off site fun activities to encourage team bonding.


Extended Medical, Employee Royalty Sharing Plan, Stock Option Plan, Flex Time, Relaxed Environment, Team Member of the Month Award and annual employee trips to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco are some of the perks enjoyed by full time Koolhaus employees.