Video Game Producer

  • ROLE  – The primary function of the Producer is to manage projects and to take 100% responsibility for all aspects of the project including its commercial success.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Creative and Project Management

  • Take responsibility for the successful completion of assigned projects:
    • Support of and work with a team of designers, artists, programmers and sound artists
    • Creative direction of the project working closely with other creative stake holders
    • Ensure that the goals of the project—quality, timeliness, budget, etc—are met. 
    • Establish the policies, goals, and values of the development team.
    • Stays up to date with the current state of the game industry
    • Highly knowledgeable of current best reviewed and best selling games 
    • Ensure that the entire team knows it highest priorities and due dates.
    • Ensure that all contractual requirements are met in each milestone delivered to the client. 
    • Effectively use all resources for production and testing.
    • Maintain forecasts of the project’s budget; anticipate, identify, and resolve overruns. 
    • Constantly evaluate risks and potential obstacles.
  • Client Interaction:
    • Interact with video game publishers, as appropriate.
    • Identify and track the responsibilities and dependencies of clients.
    • Manage potential conflicts between internal and external expectations for the project.
  • Documentation:
    • Oversee the creation and maintenance of all project-related documentation: milestones, schedules, contracts, design documents, specifications, etc.
    • Work with the Leads (Project Manager, Art Director, Lead Game Designer, Technical Director) to develop project specifications that define the scope of the project, requirements of the prototype, and deliverables of milestones.
  • Staff Support:
    • Assist and counsel marginal performers according to HR policies. 
    • Complete the performance reviews of team members on time.
    • Help settle project-related conflicts and disputes.
    • Ensure that the team’s work environment is healthy and facilitates a high degree of productivity.
  • SKILLS:                                 
    • Thorough and accurate management and communication.
    • Knowledge of game play mechanics
    • Strong creative design skills
    • Problem solving.
    • Strong leadership skills
    • Ability to maintain project-related documents, schedules, lists, etc., using commercial software (e.g. Microsoft Office, MS Project, etc.).
    • Ability to consistently deliver high quality games that make a difference
  • REQUIREMENTS:                
    • Minimum of 2 years managing a team composed of game developers (artists, programmers, game designers, sound artists) from diverse disciplines.
    • Have shipped at least 4 video games (mobile, console, PC/Mac) 
    • Professional experience working in the game industry as a producer or associate producer, Lead Designer, Art Director, Technical Director
    • Experience communicating with external clients (video game publishers)
    • College or university degree 


Reports to: President/CEO 

Manages: Leads of assigned projects. 


  • Competitive salary, benefits, revenue/royalty sharing and stock option package available for the right candidate 


Email your CV/Resume in confidence to:

  • RTO: We are no longer working remotely as we’ve found this to be counter productive to the creative process