Kool Tech

Kool Tech

KoolAi, KoolPlan and KoolTrans were developed with support from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program.

KoolAi & KoolPLAN: 

  • Modular AI framework based on a hierarchical planner technology that enables intelligent behavior by predicting potential outcomes.
  • KoolPlan is a multi-genre solution that can be applied to many game related scenarios such as creating intelligent NPCs, enemy AI, generating missions, pathfinding, base building, and many more.
  • KoolAi and KoolPlan reduces Ai development costs by 75%
  • Cross platform and cross genre


  • A powerful text translation system that is more accurate than other software solutions currently available
  • Intelligent self improvement system
  • Developed in conjunction with the Simon Fraser University computer science department
  • Applicable to many electronic game and non game applications
  • Cross platform

Gem Game Engine:

  • In-House cross platform game engine
  • Robust core engine technology with over 8 years of development