OOMF! (Organically Orientated Molecular Fusion )… Cannon

The first First Person Endless Gunner on the app store. Visit beautiful alien vistas and unleash your creativity in destruction and mayhem. (Available for iOS)

Wreak havoc in this “FPEG” (First Person Endless Gunner) as you unleash Uber Ammo, chain Mega-Kills, and get back your precious donuts!

  • Frantic arcade action!
  • Never before seen Endless First Person Shooter gameplay!
  • Tons of upgrades for your gun and abilities!
  • Challenge your friends on GameCenter!
  • Get yourself in the game by taking a selfie and posting to your Facebook wall!
  • Pulse-quickening, heart-pounding soundtrack!
  • Available on the iTunes App Store worldwide
  • Published and developed by Koolhaus Games

While on a short break from his job as an Intergalactic Exterminator for the OOMF! Pest Control Company, Floyd has a box of his beloved Space Hole Donuts stolen! With the smell of glazed deliciousness still lingering in the air, Floyd grabs his trusty Organically Orientated Molecular Fusion (OOMF!) Cannon and sets out on a quest for revenge!

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OOMF! – Release Trailer