Madden NFL 2011 iPad & 2012 Android

Madden NFL 2011

The Koolhaus developed Madden NFL 2011 iPad version set new records on the iTunes store. Some that have still not been broken. 


  • Includes table top electronic football sim mini game designed and developed from the ground up by Koolhaus
  • Simultaneous number 1 on the iTunes Game and All Apps chart
  • Highest revenue record on the iTunes store within 1 month of launch
  • Highest unit sales record on the iTunes store within 1 month of launch
  • Madden 2012 Number 1 on Google Play
  • Across the board 8/10+ critical reviews
  • Gameflow, updated rosters, new features, added gameplay and more!
  • First to include EA’s Origin Service, it’s social features including achievements and online Origin leader boards
  • Top 3 within the first week of launch
  • Optimized for Android smart phones and tablets
  • Still on the Best Selling Games list 4 months after launch (updated Dec 29th, 2011)
  • Developed by Koolhaus for Electronic Arts
  • Published by Electronic Arts worldwide.



IGN Rating: 8.0/10 “Impressive”
Appolicious Advisor Rating: 5 out of 5 bars – “a clear step forward for the series”
Appstorehq Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars – “Excellent gameplay!”

“Anyone can say that console games are better than mobile versions of any game. It is time to review that statement.”
“I’m not sure a football game can get more playable, something Madden on the console systems sometimes struggled with. Awesome use of 13 bucks!”
“This game looks, plays, and sounds awesome. A must buy…”
“The iPad visuals are also really stunning.”
“Being a longtime Madden player (Sega Genesis) I was skeptical of the game translating well to a touch interface. This just works. Unique gameplay, custom hand-drawn routes, great UI, and quality gameplay make this the portable Madden to beat.
“Wow! ….Absolutely amazing! Download this immediately!”