About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to develop high quality, innovative, fun and immersive electronic games for all ages and genres, using current and emerging technologies. We feel that great games result from great teams pushing the envelope of design, code, art and sound. Above all, great teams make great games and teamwork is an important aspect of life at Koolhaus Games. We also believe that a balance of work and life is integral to the creative process.

Who We Are

Koolhaus Games Inc. represents the integration of the four elements of making games: design, code, art and sound. We are a multi-cultural mixture of seasoned veterans and talented new recruits from the video game, film, television and music industries. The one word that describes Koolhaus Games is "Diversity". Diversity in who we are and what we do. This includes our multi cultural team, variety of development platforms, game genres and more. 

Our Team

The team at Koolhaus has developed 8 successive games with 8/10+ critical reviews. 4 of these achieved number 1 chart status breaking sales and revenue records along the way. We are currently working on a number of titles across multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Xbox360, Playstation 3, Nintendo DS, Wii, PC, Mac and other platforms. We are the developers of the record breaking, number one Madden NFL 2011 iPad, Madden NFL 12 Android & Tiger Woods Golf: PGA Tour 12 iOS paid and premium/freemium titles (all IGN: 8/10) as well as the ground breaking Koolhaus original game iMP: Surf the Music iOS. Please see our Games and Services page for more details.  

In our previous lives, we have worked on numerous internationally best selling and critically acclaimed titles such as Simpsons Hit and Run, Company of Heroes, Star Wars, Splinter Cell, the Hulk, Beauty and the Beast, Total Annihilation, Triple Play Baseball, NBA Street, NHL Hockey, FIFA Soccer, and CSI. Koolhaus team members have been nominated for or won 38 international awards. Our team members have also been asked to speak at various conferences and educational instituitions such as Develop Liverpool, University of Edinburgh Scotland, Game Developers Conference (San Jose & San Francisco), Korean Game Developers Conference, Leipzig Game Developers Conference and others. 

Development team

At Koolhaus we strive to develop games that are innovative and creative, and most of all, games that stand out from the crowd. At Koolhaus we practice what we preach. We firmly believe that great teams make great games. That’s why our hiring process is a multi-stage event, giving the new recruit a thorough understanding of our goals.  

Everyone at Koolhaus is expected to provide two key contributions to the projects we work on: the one they were trained for (programmer, artist, etc.) and the other as a key creative contributor.

Whether it’s an original game or an outside project, Koolhaus’ delineating factor is a highly creative team focused on one goal: to bring something different and amazing to the equation.

We are not like other game companies. In developing our distinctive culture, structure and processes, we have not only been influenced by previous employers, but highly successful companies outside of the game arena as well.  

Our goal: Great games, on time, developed by great teams at Koolhaus.

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